The time has come to tuck Dailysonic into bed. It has been fun. Actually... it has been amazing. A huge thanks goes out to our listeners for being more than just listeners. You asked us questions, told us stories, pushed us to do more, held our hands, and it's meant the world to us. So, goodnight... and don't be afraid to get down with the man breathing down your back.

Thank you to all our beautiful and talented contributors and conspirers, good luck with whatever you do: Angela Becerra (for introducing to music and Texas, check out her Beyond The Book book review segment on WOAI), Darren Busbee (our Southern correspondent, for making us afraid of sharks again), Sgt. Tim Deal (for reminding us how awesome New Hampshire is, check out his NH Edge podcast, and his band Craving), Michelle Fahmy (for noticing the fallen birds, sorry if you thought we were mean), Noah Ga... err.. I mean Robert (for being a brilliant writer, and for being honest), Greg Galant (who always had good advice for us, and helped us sell advertising), Mike Gibson (for volunteering to walk around NYC blindfolded in the name of Dailysonic, check out his excellent 75 Minutes music podcast), Charles Hodgson (for bringing Podictionary on board for a little while), Jerrod Kingery (for making us get all nostalgic about days gone by, check out his regular contributions at, Brent LaRowe (for his brief histories of... well... everything... and we mean everything, check out his blog), Angela Lovell (for making us laugh and cry, and for proving that not all crystal balls are made of bullshit, check her out site and her blog A Kick To The Pink), Stacy Mangual (for taking us inside her Living Room, and for having the best picture in her contrib bio ever, check out her Stacy In The City music podcast), Chad Matheny (for getting on a Chinatown bus for the good of Dailysonic, and for playing music for us underneath an overpass in Sunnyside, check out his music as Emperor X), Adam Metz (for showing us a side San Francisco we'd never seen before, check out his web page), Jason Moore (who helped us out with tons of graphics stuff, check out his design firm), Dave Raciti (who taught us how to make mozzarella), Matt Rawle (who let a little Canada into our hearts, thank you, check out his radio show Mixtapes For Heartbreak), Cathy Rigod (who sent us chocolates in the mail and introduced us to tons of music and taught us all how to move to Chicago without going mad, check her out at Gaper's Block and Venus), Michelle Sarkany (for teaching us about samurai movies and making robot dolls, and for having the best out-takes ever, check out her children's stories and button earings), Chris Schlarb (for introducing us to good music, comic books, and for making his kids get on the mic, and for the good advice, check out his Sounds Are Active record label and his music), Rosie Sharp (who writes great little stories and takes great little pictures), Kevin Smokler (who convinced us that Brannock Devices are too cool for school, check out his site), Robynn Takayama (for introducing us to great music and letting us crash at her place, check out her site), Jason Van Orden (for introducing us to Alaska and mentioning us in his book and making the NYC podcast meetups so wonderful, check out his which has links to his many podcasts and blogs), Danielle Varga (for filling in, and keeping us in check), the fine folks at (for understanding what we where going though and for helping us out), and anyone else who we forgot to mention (sorry?!).

Adam Grossman (aka Isaac Dolom), Anni Katz (currently working as Assistant Producer for WNYC's Morning Edition), Robot, Aaron Taylor-Waldman (currently making magnificent computer graphics), and Adam Varga.

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